• May 11, 2021

The 4 Zodiac Signs That The februray 2021 New Moon Will Affect The Most


Try to keep yourself always active on this day, because it is a time of extreme rest and relaxation, which could lead someone to take advantage of this condition. When someone asks you a small favor, raise your antennae.

Not in all cases, in fact, will be so small and so simple, as they would like you to believe. Evaluate well all the pros and cons, but above all evaluate if you will be able to do it without tiring too much.



On this day, you will not necessarily have to think about others, what they will want from you, what they would like you to do. First of all, you will have to be able to overcome your own preconceptions.

Once you have defined your plan, you could ask for advice from someone you trust, but without making your future depend on it. Operate in a more concrete way, but it will certainly be more suitable for your needs.



Don’t be intimidated by someone who will continue to expound their thoughts as if they should be okay with you. You have ahead and the right intelligence to think for yourself about the issues that bother you the most.

The veiled threats, will not have to scare you, because surely it is a way to get attention from you. Insecurity is part of everyone, especially in moments like the one we are living.



Try to send non-confrontational signals to people you are interested in. You never manage to be very clear, as there is a component of shyness in you that is not indifferent.

If you feel that it is worth it, you will have to unblock and come forward, which will allow you to get closer gradually. This is exactly what you need, to show that you are capable of going beyond your limits, which are only mental.


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