• May 12, 2021

What The Mean For Your Love Life And Relationships

Well, a conjunction is simply the meeting of two planets within the same sign, and as we begin Sagittarius season it means that we’re thinking further and dreaming big. The lessons of 2020

Mercury retrogrades tend to cause mental confusions and communication errors, but in this case it was perfectly timed after our Venus retrograde ended. So much happened during her rebirth around the Sun that we didn’t know where to turn; we weren’t sure what to make of everything and many of us were unsure if we should give our lover another chance or simply turn around and move on for good.


Whenever you make decisions it is not useful to go back, and above all, it does not help you grow. All you can do is set aside your qualms and let yourself go.

If your instinct has directed you towards a goal, it is the one that you obviously have to go through.

The criticisms or suggestions of others may not be as valid as your choices!


Focusing too much on a project is certainly not a bad thing, but it could become so when one ignores something more important like family or love!

Do not be so insensitive today.

In fact, your job will not run away if you do not have well-defined deadlines, but even if you have them, you should learn to handle them better because it’s not difficult for them to come back in the future.


Your plans for the day could include something that you do not usually do or do not like doing.

All of this will involves various unpleasant situations that you will have to face with a big smile.

It will be your one and only weapon, also because you can count on something that is much more convenient than a fight you could have with people who have nothing to do with you.


Perhaps there is someone who does not think exactly like you and therefore any question could be interpreted differently, more or less dramatically.

What is certain is that you must prepare yourself to justify.

Usually the others are justified with you because they just cannot keep up, but on this day you will find bread for your teeth and finally, you could begin to understand how sometimes it is complicated to be next to you.


Usually, you are not those who worry unnecessarily or who jump immediately to conclusions, you are of those who must first find the motivation of a gesture and until the end do not apply malice.

However, on this day if you have a doubt or uncertainty, work immediately to dispel it, even if this could lead you to something unpleasant.

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