• May 12, 2021

This Week, To Believe or Not Believe in the Zodiac In 2021

I kind of believe in zodiac signs.

Hear me out, though. Have you guys gone to look at the characteristics of X zodiac sign? I have…many times. It’s freakish how accurate they are. I can’t help but thinking to myself, “When did this person meet me?” It’s weird, and it might just be a coincidence that these Virgo characteristics just so happen to describe me. So obviously, the next step is to go check my siblings’ zodiac descriptions to get a better measure of their accuracy. It’s a vicious cycle wherein I try to convince myself that there’s no way that the day you were born has any bearing on your personality.


Today could develop in many precious moments, especially from a sentimental point of view, because there could be more opportunities to get closer to the people you love and which can, in turn, intensify their feelings or affection towards you.

You could put in place an idea, start developing it in your head, without having to focus too much on it.

If you are not interested in other projects, this is how you can increase your interest and mood.


Do not be afraid to develop a certain interest in a particular person in this day, because it is normal to ask questions and ask what kind of people you are faced with, especially in a professional level.

Perhaps you will put aside some plans or commitments, to devote your attention to them, but this won’t be a problem because you will then have time to dedicate yourself to the rest.

Now it is much more important to understand what we can get or feel for who we are dealing with.


Do not compete with the people who work with you or for you, because it will not be worth it.

More than anything else, it will be better to concentrate on other horizons, trying to put your projects to the test independently of what others will do.

Be more open to those who want to put you in trouble, because they are the ones who will teach you more things to face the reality of things, although the way they do is not comfortable.


Do not say what you think about some people, you should have the courage to address them directly, even to push them to new considerations, especially from the professional point of view.

Then you can also put the dots on the “i” if something will not work as it should or if things go differently from what you had planned, but for the time being you have to face them with an open heart, without judging, just asking what you need.


You can choose what to do on this day because no one will give you orders and no one will try to give you advice that you do not need.

You can, therefore, be masters of your destiny, at least for today!

Try to make the most of this opportunity both for yourself and to prove to others that you are as tough as your colleagues or comrades, that you can overcome your limitations and above all, hold on to what you are doing.

Great satisfaction lay on the horizon!


You will have time for yourself today, but hardly anyone else will be just as lucky, so you should avoid criticizing those who are not at your height, at least for today.

Certainly, they will know how to recover in the future, just give them time.

Judging someone from the appearance or some superficial detail certainly is not the best way to get in touch and to understand their character.

Although sometimes the appearance has its value, this will not be the case today!


You have done your job in the best way in these last few days, just that you have not managed to do everything that you intended to do.

Perhaps you had too high expectations, so it will be better to settle for today.

From tomorrow you can continue and knock down other goals!

In short, if you have made a too long to-do list it is normal that it is not realistic to complete it, you could instead extend it throughout the week and then, possibly, take stock of how things went.


If you do not want to put in difficulty some people who count a lot to you, it will be better to give improvised explanations and isolate you as much as possible so as not to raise suspicions about your behavior.

You wanted to give the opportunity to some people to be more independent and you also made other choices, divergent from the usual, so before discussing their success, you will have to spend the time to see how you are doing, comparing to them.


Try to be much more supportive of your family or friends and not criticize the choices that do not seem appropriate to you, but that could work perfectly fine for them!

After all, not everything that’s good for you is good for others too.

You lack elasticity from time to time, and this is why you cannot see beyond your opinions that, although respectable, certainly cannot be universal!


You are very excited about an adventure that has yet to take off, but that surely could bring you much more benefits than you have right now, both spiritually and materially.

More than anything else you should try to set your plans in motion to ensure a good future, not only from a professional point of view but also from a sentimental one.

Your happiness will also be important for those who love you and cannot wait for you to share this news with them.


If you have to look for something or someone, it is time to take the right responsibilities and do it yourself, without help, by actually engaging in the situation and taking action.

Putting an idea to practice implies dedication and research, and this is what you still need to learn.

You are on the right path, but there is still a lot to do, so it is better that nobody enters your activities, not to contaminate them with other plans and misguided thoughts.


Try not to be too stubborn and completely lose yourself, when you are in love, enamored or fascinated by someone.

There is nothing wrong if you manage to keep a glimpse of clarity and rationality.

It most probably has happened before too, but even if it was the first time, you should know that it is not right to annihilate yourself completely for someone, not even if you really love them and if it is truly reciprocated.

It is time therefore to regain consciousness of oneself.

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