• May 06, 2021

Horoscopes 2021 for Every Zodiac Sign

What’s in the stars for your zodiac sign in 2021? The astrology forecast shows an ongoing tug o’ war between old and new, progress and tradition, as society continues to reshape—and all of us do, too.

2021 Aries Astrology Overview:

Did last year feel like all work, no play? That’s about to change, Aries. In 2020, a trio of planets in Capricorn gathered in your goal-oriented tenth house, activating your ambitions. Now, Jupiter and Saturn have moved into Aquarius and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. While you’ll forever by the zodiac’s solo star, in 2021, you’ll get by with a little—or maybe a lot—of help from your friends. Together, you could come up with a world-changing (and profitable) idea or two!

2021 Aries Love Horoscope:

Cupid launches a crowdsourcing campaign on your behalf as lucky Jupiter and stable Saturn unite in your communal eleventh house. Although you’re not naturally a “joiner,” love may be found through your participation in groups, organizations and online communities. Digital dating brings luckier swipes for single Rams, but a fateful introduction could just as easily come via mutual friends. No matter your relationship status, this is a year to be experimental and open. Need to let go of a past love? Grieve and heal while Jupiter in Pisces loosens the ties that bind from May 13 to July 28. Long-term goals come to the fore November 5, as Venus embarks on an extended, four-month tour through Capricorn, but ease off the throttle while the love planet’s retrograde from December 19, 2021, to January 29, 2022.

2021 Aries Money & Career Horoscope

Innovative Aries will thrive in 2021, as enterprising Jupiter fistbumps industrious Saturn in your futuristic, tech-savvy eleventh house. As the zodiac’s trailblazer, you love being part of whatever is new and next! Good news: In 2021, emerging industries call your name. From alternative energy to plant medicine that treats trauma, you could find yourself submerged in a cutting-edge field. Learn whatever new technology is involved. Studying and learning will be as enjoyable as reaching the end goal, thanks to a pair of Sagittarius eclipses on May 26 and December 4. Under 2021’s team-spirited skies, who you work with matters as much as what you’re doing. Surround yourself with thought leaders who aren’t afraid to question the status quo—and challenge you on your assumptions. A new revenue stream flows in near the November 19 lunar eclipse, the first in a profit-boosting series that lasts for two years.

2021 Aries Health & Wellness Horoscope

Log on to that fitness app and rally friends for a 30-day challenge. Wellness goals get a motivating boost when you track them with tech and tackle them with a team. Holistic healing, alternative medicine and anything involving the mind-body connection will be your greatest form of prevention in 2021. Thinking of a detox? Jupiter’s brief tour through Pisces (May 13 to July 28) is ideal for that and may involve taking a mental health sabbatical from work. Support your knees and stretch your calves! These body parts are under weighty Saturn’s strain in 2021. Simultaneously, Jupiter’s influence could cause you to overextend, so curb competitive urges and take time to learn the correct postures before trying a new sport.

2021 Aries Friends & Family Horoscope

The Aries soul squad is shaping up! As Jupiter expands your social reach, you’ll attract new friends both online and IRL. Simultaneously, Saturn draws well-connected people in your realms of interest, from activism to entrepreneurship. Family may take a backseat to your friend group this year, but take care not to neglect your clan. On June 10, the Gemini solar eclipse could reconfigure your inner circle, shifting people’s roles and changing your priorities. Siblings, neighbors and close friends could be part of this evolution. You won’t take kindly to anyone clipping your wings or demanding 24/7 participation. At the same, time, membership has its privileges in 2021, so if you’ve found a crew that speaks your language, stop being a stubborn holdout, Aries. Sign up and pledge your allegiance!

2021 Taurus Astrology Overview:

For the last couple years, the only constant in your life has been change. Good news, Taurus: 2021 brings some much-desired stability to the mix—at last. As Jupiter and Saturn commune in Aquarius and your ambitious tenth house, you can hone your visionary ideas down to a few concrete goals, which you’ll pursue with trademark Taurean tenacity. Don’t worry: With innovator Uranus still in your sign until 2026, life will be anything but dull. But you do like to see results for your efforts, and in 2021, you will. Pro tip: Who you surround yourself with matters, so align with the winner’s circle and VIPs (while staying humble, of course). Simplify, prioritize and don’t settle.

2021 Taurus Love Horoscope:

Steady, enduring relationships are the preference for many Bulls, and with Jupiter and Saturn united in your tenacious tenth house for most of 2021, you’re playing the long game. But don’t rule out sexy exploration! (That can happen within the container of a committed bond, you know.) Not only is shock-jock Uranus spending the entire year in your sign, making you extra spontaneous, but when Jupiter electrifies your liberated eleventh house from May 13 to July 28, you could rebel against structures that feel confining. The trick? To feed both your traditional side and your naughty one. On November 5, Venus kicks off a four-month-long tour through Capricorn and your adventurous, free-spirited ninth house. Cross-cultural connections sizzle and long-distance arrangements thrive. Looser restrictions can also be fun for couples, but be warned! When your romantic ruling planet turns retrograde for six weeks on December 19, chemistry experiments could blow up if you race into anything impetuously—or without clear agreements.

2021 Taurus Money & Career Horoscope

Three of the year’s four eclipses charge up your money axis, revealing hidden opportunities to earn and learn. You work hard for your cash; now, make sure it returns the favor by investing in things that grow in value or bring a compounding interest. Career goals will consume many Tauruses to the point of obsession, thanks to Jupiter and Saturn in your ambitious tenth house. Focus and charge ahead because this could be one of the most successful years you’ve had in over a decade! Looking to reinvent yourself or embark on a new path? The Jupiter-Saturn combo helps you artfully transition. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater or quit five minutes before the miraculous payday. Past experiences are building blocks to future gains, and you may get one last windfall from work you’ve done for years—especially near the Taurus lunar eclipse on November 19!

2021 Taurus Health & Wellness Horoscope

In 2021, achieving optimal health is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s good news for your methodical sign since you understand the game-changing power of a routine. Set a measurable goal, like training for a charity 10K or lowering your blood pressure. Then get a practice in place, even daily. With Jupiter and Saturn both in your tenth house of authorities, work with experts like coaches, trainers and nutritionists if you need support. When Jupiter’s in your teamwork zone from May 13 to July 28, joining a support group (online or IRL) can keep you motivated! Thinking about trying anything risky, like rock climbing or cycling through urban traffic? Learn correct posture and invest in properly fitting gear. This is not the year for chancing an injury.

2021 Taurus Friends & Family Horoscope

Busy Bulls won’t have time to toast the town in 2021, but don’t let relationships falter with your VIP friends and relatives. Block out slots on your calendar for your inner circle, like Sunday dinners or Tuesday game night. Planning ahead will be essential, even if you’re only meeting up monthly or for a seasonal vacation. With your prestigious tenth house activated by Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, there’s a nonexistent line between socializing and networking. Plant yourself among people of notable status. Join clubs or get yourself nominated for an elite organization. Warning: When Jupiter chills in Pisces from May 13 to July 28, you may feel like deactivating your membership in any exclusive societies. This “one love” transit will connect you to some colorful characters, iconoclasts and activists!

2021 Gemini Astrology Overview:

Get ready for a year of “structured expansion,” Gemini—and yes, that’s an oxymoron. But taking calculated risks will help you win the bigger game in 2021. With growth-driven Jupiter and cautious Saturn both in Aquarius and your supersizing ninth house, you’ll thrive by doing things one step at a time when you can. The best news? The intensely emotional energy of 2020 has lifting, setting your sights on your highest calling. And with the karmic north node in Gemini in 2021, nothing short of pursuing your ultimate purpose will do!

2021 Gemini Love Horoscope:

Meant-to-be mates or star-crossed lovers? Whether they emerge for a reason, a season or a lifetime, relationships have a destined quality in 2021, thanks to the karmic South Node spending the whole year in Sagittarius and your partnership-oriented seventh house. Two tide-turning eclipses in Sagittarius, on May 26 and December 4, could bring rapid (and potentially exhilarating!) developments in your love life. The trick to seeing people’s true colors is to remain as “in the now” as you possibly can—even if every part of you wants to project a fantasized future. That said, happily coupled Gems could embark on a grand adventure this year, like traveling the country by van for three months or starting a bespoke business from your kitchen table.

2021 Gemini Money & Career Horoscope

Your career is on an exciting upswing this year as cosmic collaborators Jupiter and Saturn team up in Aquarius and your enterprising ninth house. Jupiter is the galactic gambler while Saturn likes to play it safe. Their paradoxical energy advances your efforts in a way that’s both cutting edge and stable—how Gemini is that?! From May 13 to July 28, Jupiter rises into Pisces and your tenth house of achievement and status, which could usher in work with an established company or long-term client. Ready to pivot? Studious Saturn lends support for Geminis who want to enroll in school or create a curriculum to teach whatever you’ve mastered.

2021 Gemini Health & Wellness Horoscope

Drop and give us twenty! Saturn, the planetary “personal trainer,” hypes you up for a fitness challenge. Enlist support from a coach or community; track your progress by app. This is the year to push way past your perceived edges. With your nature-loving ninth house lit, outdoor exercise and sports are your jam in 2021. The Taurus lunar eclipse on November 19 could inspire a pre-holiday detox or renew a meditation practice. This is the first in an eclipse series on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, inspiring two years of holistic healing that impacts your mind, body and soul.

2021 Gemini Friends & Family Horoscope

Indie-spirited Gemini, don’t forget your people! Jupiter’s breezy tour through Aquarius will expand your social circle, turning strangers into BFFs in the blink of an eye. But “instant intimacy” doesn’t replace time-tested trust. Make time for the friends who have had your back over the years. Visiting far-flung family, or even touring your ancestral homeland, could make a worthwhile vacation in 2021. Leave some blank spaces on that calendar! As the North Node in Gemini activates your autonomous first house, your “me time” will be more precious—and productive—than ever

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