• May 06, 2021

2021 – Engage With Your Hearts

This month will focus on our knowledge, as to what we know and how we know that. This is because the planets would traverse between curious Gemini and community-oriented Cancer.

June will mostly be divided into two slots, one that would focus on the New Moon and encourage people to come and engage in interesting conversations, while the second slot would focus on the Cancer season, which would ask us to experience new things from the heart.

When the Full Moon takes place on June 17th in the presence of Sagittarius, it would require us to let go of anything that would be hampering our progress. And when Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces, we would be rewarded with much needed clarity.


If you have been going through a mental block, this is the time when the floodgates would open and you would be filled with a boatload of ideas, some of which can actually make you financially sound. But be careful that you don’t limit yourself. 


This is the month for your finances. You would be interacting with ideas that would help you increase your finances. But you would have to expand your reputation more. Use the power of social media. 


This is the time for you to rest, and make some changes. Try changing your wardrobe or a new fitness plan. Let go of anything negative. Including relationships. 


The time is yours, and the time is now. With the power of the universe behind you, you can achieve anything that you want to, but you need to understand the gravity of the things you are saying yes and no to. You really have better things to go for. 


Your friends would help you out. You would also be beset with a lot of opportunities that you would be immature to let go off. Simply try putting your talents across the board and you would be fine.



Your name is spreading throughout the market. You know what that means, right? You are popular, for your business acumen. Use that to confront your fears, and embrace the victory that comes with it.


You would be filled with wanderlust, and it would be a good idea to start off on a journey to find yourself. Get some space and some perspective on who you really are. And in the end, you would find yourself knowing where you stand. 


Find out what you have been missing all this while. It could be anything that was stopping you from reaching those heights of success that you have always coveted. Also, know that you are not inferior to anyone, in anyway. All you need to do is get rid of some of your outdated beliefs. 


This month is all about relationships. Professional and personal. Collaborating with your professional workmates would bring in success, while there is also love in the air. Don’t limit yourself, that’s the idea. 



Look out for yourself. You need to fuel up and feel better about yourself. Engage in such activities, change your wardrobe, do anything that helps you out. And connect with people on a spiritual level.


You really need to have some fun. So, go out, enjoy the world. See for yourself what your passions really ask you to do. Be curious, and let it guide you. Also, love is the air for you. 


Focus on family. Add love to it, spend time with them, do things for them. Don’t think this would affect your career badly, for you would hit a milestone. Also, do have fun. Romance is around the corner.

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