• May 06, 2021


It happens every time. We all start a new year full of hope and excitement for what is about to come. But as the time goes by, we kind of lose the fuel to keep pursuing our goals. Reading the predictions for the second half of 2020 will give you the refresh you need right now.



We have good news for you, Aries. It seems that you have had a bad time since the beginning of the year but this is about to die. From now on, you are going to see everything falling into place. You can finally relax and watch your dreams coming true right in front of your eyes.



Have you been focusing only on your needs and yourself since the year has started? Maybe you had forgotten how important is to be open and aware to the people around you.

If you are feeling that you are in the middle of a war with every one, take a time to think about that so you will not get even more frustrated in the second half of 2020 .


You better be prepared, Gemini. The predictions for the second half of 2020 ask you to stay strong while you navigate some possible serious obstacles. It is a good idea to keep your emotions aside and hold into your mind (that is always brilliant). This will help you to make better choices and accomplish your goals for the year.



Cancer, we know how much you are attached to the past but from now on, you might want to change that. That is because the second half of 2020 offers you some new great possibilities related to new people coming into your life. If you feel that somebody is holding you from achieving success, do not be afraid to cut some ties.



Leo is one of the signs that will be able to keep the flame hot and lit during the second half of 2020 . Take advantage of that to focus on your work and increase your revenue.

You will finally have the opportunity to put your finances in order and pay what you own. After you do that, things will be more interesting since you will not worry about money anymore.


For Virgo, the predictions for the second half of 2020 are all about looking inside yourself. You have been living unconscious about your own thought and what you have been doing since the year has started, like in autopilot mode. Now it is time to reevaluate that and be grateful towards who has been accompanying you in the journey.



A dark cloud is coming to you, making you feel overwhelmed and depressed. The second half of 2020 is not going to be easy but you need to focus on all you have conquered this year. If you put everything good you are or have in the first place, the failures will slowly disappear while you stay strong to face daily life.



Scorpio has this suspicious way that keeps you from jumping into unchartered waters quickly. But now you need to find the courage in you and better, who is supporting you, to face the new challenges. The predictions for the second half of 2020 invites you on a new journey and you can not miss the train.


The second half of the year is all about exchanges for you, Sagittarius. If you have been feeling kind of “meh” since the beginning of 2020 , now you can celebrate the entrance of new people into your life. As time goes by, you will realize how important these connections will be, for yourself and for them.



Capricorn, you are not known for being one of the most creative signs in the Zodiac. By the way, it is exactly the opposite and often you find difficult to see new possibilities. But this is about to end, thankfully.

The second half of the year offers you lots of creativity. Your ideas will be like a fountain contaminating everybody with excitement.



Aquarius, you are known for speaking your mind every time you feel up to but since the year has started, you have been different, haven’t you? Maybe it was the lack of confidence that made you take a step back. From now on, you can count on some astrological changes that will make your voice be heard again.



The predictions for the second half of 2019 are kinda blurry for you. Since the year has started, you might felt that you were a fish trapped on a web, unable to swim to come back home. Home, this is how your interior is to you, Pisces. When you are able to center yourself, you can swim further. That is your challenge for the rest of the year.

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