• October 27, 2020

This Zodiac Signs are Bad Influences for All

These zodiac signs aren’t bad people — they can just be bad influences because they are enablers.

If you are depending on one of them to help you stay on the straight and narrow — forget about it — look elsewhere!

1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is that person who shows up at your house with a twelve-pack, two bottles of wine and a fifth of Jack Daniels when you’re trying to quit drinking. They’ll light up right next to you when you’re trying to quit smoking.

Not only will they do all the above — they’ll actually pressure you to join in! They’ll keep you up to four in the morning on a work night. Sagittarius doesn’t care about your health conditions or goals, they are more concerned with having a copilot for their adventures!

2. Pisces

What?! Pisces a bad influence? This is where the old saying “good intentions pave the way to hell” comes in. Pisces is simply too kindhearted. They are a bad influence because they don’t stand up and tell someone “no” when they need to.

Pisces enables the other person to engage in bad behavior because they won’t take a strong enough stance to become a “good influence” when it is needed.

3. Aquarius

Aquarius is very independent, and as such, is mostly concerned with their own needs. Somebody else’s problems are just that — someone else’s problems. They aren’t about to change or adjust what they do for the sake of someone else.

Aquarius is wise enough to intellectually acknowledge that their behavior is enabling someone else to do the wrong thing. But they just don’t care. In Aquarius’ mind, their hands are clean — it’s the other person’s personal responsibility.

4. Aries

Aries is a bad influence because of their impulsiveness. They act without thinking and drag others along. Not only that, but they pressure and encourage others to engage in bad behavior.

Aries seeks adventure and has a “consequences be damned” attitude. “Seize the day” is a fun motto, but not so fun or funny when the authorities seize you.

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