• December 03, 2020

Receive a Message of Peace and Light by Choosing a Dove of Peace

Doves are associated with good news and good wishes. They give us a feeling of tranquility and hope and help us see life with different eyes. In today’s test, we will use these birds as carriers of a great message of light for your life.

Choose the one you like best and then scroll down to discover the great message it has for you.

Dove No. 1:

You are a person very blessed by the Divine. You may have noticed that you have great wisdom and inner strength. Situations that seem very difficult for other people are simple and easy for you because your soul is surrounded by higher positive energies that always guide you on the right path.

You have the gift of taking a positive look at everything that happens around you, which makes life’s burdens lighter. For this reason, you are a person very loved by others, who are always inspired by your resilience and your natural light.

There are some things that are taking away your silence, but Divinity has a message for you: all your suffering, fear, and conflict will end soon. You are a being of much light and you will always be greater than any darkness that you seek to dominate.

Trust in yourself and in the divine dispositions and you will always be light!

Dove No. 2:

One of your greatest qualities is humility. In a world where more and more people are concerned with themselves and don’t see their neighbor, you bring an energy of love and empathy, which shows that there are still good hearts and people that we can trust.

You have a very special gift to bring joy, inspiration, and love to the lives of the people you live with. This is a very special gift that has been given to you by the Divine and helps you make the world a better place with more conscious and enlightened people. To further develop your mission, trust and have faith in divine disposition.

When you encounter difficulties, always think of yourself as a student of life and the universe. You will not always have the answer to everything, but you will always go through situations that will teach you everything you need to know to become a wiser and more alive person with greater integrity. Never let the darkness of the world turn off your light.

You are a great star that illuminates the lives of many people.

Dove No. 3:

The great gift given by the Divine is the immense goodness in your heart. They say those good people do good without looking at who, and this is a definition that suits you! You know that your mission in this life is to serve as a beacon for all those who are lost and to help them follow a good path. And you accept this mission with a lot of love, you understand that happiness is a consequence of what we emanate to the universe and therefore, take care that all your attitudes reflect the reality that you want to live.

Also, you know that good things become even better when shared, and therefore you share everything that is good, from feelings to results, to the people in your life.

Your way of living life is a guide for many! The Divinity is proud to have understood your mission so well. Every day you take a step towards spiritual maturity because those who help others help themselves. Believe in yourself and in difficult moments, you know that you are never alone because the Divine never abandons those who are faithful to their journey.

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