• October 27, 2020

Choose a Card and Receive a Special Advice

We are all going through difficult times and we need to hear encouraging words to keep moving forward.

The card you choose has advice for you!

If you have chosen:

Card n.1

For you who have chosen the first card, I must say that this is the ideal time to look at this plan from another perspective. The dominant energy is that of reflection, so relax and don’t give in to the confusion of anxiety.

It is very likely that nothing is going as you want, so it is necessary to reflect a little on your attitudes (what did you do to achieve this). You are close to a big change.

Card n.2

For you who have chosen the second card, this is a moment of choice. Think carefully about what you want, so you don’t have to face regrets later. “Isn’t this the right time to slow down a little?” In fact, life cannot stop, and this is not what justice asks of you.

In reality, it tries to show you that life is made of choices and consequences. Are you ready to face all that will come with the realization of this plan? Are you ready to learn to manage the expectations created by the breakup? Not everything that is allowed to us is necessary or lawful.

Card n.3

This cart asks you to be careful of illusory things in life. Are you sure you want to follow this path? Do you see this situation correctly? Aren’t you following this path under the influence of others?

The pressure has been great and you are tired of so many efforts, so listen to yourself and your desires. It’s time to open your eyes and act carefully! The moon taught that to reach this plane, you will first need to identify what is hidden on the path.

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